PRI 2023 – Featured Product Showcase Award Winner.

Intercooler Chillers specializing in Flex Plug ‘n Play Forced Induction heat exchangers interchiller that integrate into the vehicles factory air conditioning system. IC Chiller heat exchanger kits cool Turbo and Supercharged intake air systems that use a liquid for cooling and preventing heat soak of the engine and potential power loss and engine damage.

Intercooler Chiller Interchiller Flex Plug ‘n Play Dodge Challenger Charger Hellcat, Redeye, Demon, Trackhawk, Durango, Ford Mustang GT/GT500, CTSV-2, Ford F150 Forced Induction heat exchangers interchiller integrate into the vehicles OEM factory air conditioning system without cutting and splicing the OEM AC lines.

Intercooler Chillers is the first company to provide “PLUG ‘N PLAY” InterChiller system for Challenger/Chargers 6.4/5.7, Hellcat, Demon, Redeye, and Superstock, Ford Mustang GT / GT500, CTSV-2, Ford F150 in the market.

Our “normally open” drag valve is the only one offered on the market. This makes operating the switches less confusing and allows you to remote start the vehicle without worrying if you left the switch for the drag valve on or not.

Our newest Redeye Demon Superstock plug n play Interchiller system allows the chiller to run 100% of the time due to our properly sized TXV valve that is always on no matter what mode the car is in with the Performance pages as long is your AC is on.

IC Chiller vs other forced Induction Chillers in the market.