What sets “Plug N’ Play IC Chiller apart from the other intercooler chillers on the market?
  • We are the only chiller company that you can remove your chiller and reinstall it on any other platform vehicle with only 4 fittings that need to be replaced to adapt to the new vehicles AC system.
  • Our “normally open” drag valve is the only one offered on the market. This makes operating the switches less confusing and allows you to remote start the vehicle without worrying if you left the switch for the drag valve on or not.
  • We provide a complete wiring harness and it doesn’t require you to splice in to any of your factory wiring harnesses
  • We provide enough wiring in the power supply harness to allow you to mount the switches anywhere you want inside the driver’s compartment.
  • We offer a 3-way bypass valve for the intercooler coolant system so you not only don’t have to remove your factory heat exchanger but if you ever wanted/needed to use it you can with just the flip of a switch. (the red LED switch).
  • Zero cutting up of the vehicle to install our system.
  • Our Chiller is compact and efficient so it can be installed in tight places other companies can’t be without modifications or cutting into the vehicle.
My factory chiller only works in track mode and above a certain ambient temp. How does yours work in this way? RDSS specific (Redeye / Demon / SuperStock)

Our newest Redeye Demon Superstock plug n play system allows the chiller to run 100% of the time due to our properly sized TXV valve that is always on no matter what mode the car is in with the Performance pages as long is your AC is on. We also include in this kit a 3-way bypass intercooler valve that in its normal OFF state coolant bypasses the factory air to coolant heat exchanger for maximum cooling efficiency.

When ambient temperatures get below 60 degrees the AC system stops functioning to protect the refrigerant from freezing up and damaging the AC system. In those below 60 degree scenarios all you have to do is turn ON the red LED switch to allow intercooler coolant flow to go through the factory heat exchanger. At below 60 degrees ambient it is not likely you will push the intercooler temperatures or more importantly the IAT’s to a degree where the engine will pull timing and you lose any power.

Do I need a larger intercooler reservoir to take advantage of the system?

This will really depend on the heat load you are putting on your intercooler system. Typically, we have found that if you are running 15 psi boost or less you don’t really need an additional auxiliary tank as long as you are insulating all of your IC lines and the suction lines for the AC system. If you are running above 15 PSI (18 to 24 psi) then we highly recommend running a bumper tank or a BMR style tank that replaces your factory fill reservoir. Increasing capacity to 1.5 to up to 2.5 gallons is ideal and we have found that going much over 2.5 can become counter intuitive on cooling efficiency.

Why doesn’t my chiller work when the ambient temperature outside is below 60 degrees?

As state previously when temperatures dip below 60 degrees the AC systems are designed to protect the compressor. If the system is operated when it is below 60 degrees outside, this can cause the refrigerant to not change to a gas and remain liquid when it reaches the compressor. Since the compressor is designed to receive a gas rather than a liquid, the compressor is overworked and can eventually fail as a result. There are two options that you can try.

First: Turn on the defrost for the front windshield and put the car in “Drag mode”. We have tested this on the standard Hellcats and this function does bring the chiller back on line though in temperatures below 60 degrees this is not necessarily needed.

Second: Instead of doing the above you can simply turn on the red LED switch and divert the coolant back through the factory heat exchanger. Especially when temperatures are well below 60 degrees we have seen in our many hours of testing the IC temperature will stay within 10 degrees +/- ambient temperature and recovery after a hard pull is pretty quick since colder ambient air is already helping with cooling efficiency. Just make sure you turn it back off when temperatures are back up to 60 degrees or warmer as the chiller will start to function again.  

How 2019 REDEYE OEM Chiller different than other model years?

our Plug ‘N Play kit gives the flexibility to have chiller works all the time as long as the AC is turned on. However, 2019 redeye “Chiller mode” only works in Track mode.

NOTE: some customers want to use the Chiller mode in Uconnect “Custom setup”. In order to make that work, 2019 redeye customers have to install our “normally open drag valve” ($100 additional cost) to replace the factory drag valve. The factory valve does need to stay plugged into its wiring harness, but it just capped at both ends where the refrigerant line goes in with our supplied caps and tucked out of the way. This additional kit comes with our normally open drag solenoid and complete wiring harness and rocker switch to activate our drag solenoid independent of the cars controls so it can be put in drag mode anytime you want.