Hellcat on Hellion Turbos built by Barth Tuning

This Hellcat is powered by twin turbos provided by Hellion and the factory 2.4 IHI blower. Barth Tuning chose to utilize an IC chiller to maintain control over the IAT and have full power at their disposal.

“Here is the Dyno video of the 1739whp hellcat. The owner still has body work to do and the new wrap has to be installed. This car has a lot of goodies done to it to take this kind of power. We installed a built 4l80 with a trans brake so he can drag race it ( build boost on the T brake and two step) as well as drive it any where he wants with this over drive transmission! The car has the all new hellion twin 76mm turbos on it and yes it’s compound boost still with a 2.4l IHI! This car is absolutely insane to drive on the street! Instant torque and instant boost!”