Redeye Demon Superstock Forced Induction intercooler chiller replaces factory OEM Chiller


IC Chiller – Redeye Demon Superstock Forced induction intercooler chiller replaces OEM chiller. IC Chiller is the only kit in the market that keeps the OEM chiller Uconnect, and allows the customer to enjoy the cabin AC while still cooling the supercharger / turbocharger intercooler coolant. IC Chiller also does not require any cutting or splicing into any factory AC lines or wiring.

Some of the key benefits with IC chiller system:

  • Enjoy Cabin AC and Chiller simultaneously
  • Chiller mode functions below 57 degrees
  • Quick Intercooler temp recovery
  • Direct replacement of OEM chiller without cut ‘n splice factory AC lines

Redeye Demon Superstock OEM SRT power chiller system does not work below 57 degrees. However, IC Chiller system allows the chiller to work below 57 degrees with all the OEM Uconnect chiller functionality.

Demon Redeye Superstock forced induction chiller
Redeye with IC Chiller in Track mode

The OEM SRT power chiller system only works when you use chiller mode in your Uconnect. However, Intercooler Chiller gives the flexibility to have chiller functionality as soon as AC is turned on. You can enjoy the cabin AC and chiller functionality at the same time.

IC Chiller – Redeye Demon Superstock Forced Induction intercooler chiller kit is very simple and easy installation. Our Redeye Demon Superstock Chiller kit is running on various combos to include IHI , Whipple 3.0 and Whipple 3.8 blower.

OEM Parts removed from the Redeye – Demon – Superstock

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Installation pictures

Preview of installation video on REDEYE.

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