CTS V2 PnP Supercharger Intercooler Chiller (2009 – 2015)



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Coolant 3-way bypass provides the flexibility to bypass the OEM HE during race mode for optimal results. Coolant side is not part of PnP kit and requires basic understanding of plumbing and flow diagrams. Also, It would require hose, clamps and fittings to complete the install.


CTS V2 FLEX Plug ‘N play GEN II Supercharger Chiller System – (2009 – 2015)

IC Chiller system don’t Cut ‘N Splice into OEM AC System.  We provide bolts-on pre-assembled lines / hoses / fittings and AC lines clamps in the kit.

CTS V2 InterChiller system can be used on street or drag racing. Street mode let you enjoy the “cabin” AC and lower IAT.  The supercharger charge air coolant passes through IC Chiller unit, where it is further cooled by the refrigerant. That chilled supercharger coolant then goes through coolant bricks in the supercharger housing, cooling compressed air as it enters the intake ports.

With drag race mode, When activated using rocker switch, refrigerant from the AC system is diverted from the cabin to the chiller unit.

IC Chiller has solenoid on the liquid line going to the cabin so you get 2 modes of operation.

  • Chiller and Cabin mode
  • Drag mode (Chiller only / Race only)

CTS V2 InterChiller system includes every parts that is required to make the DIY or custom install simple such as mounting bracket, Drag valve with connector, and wiring kit with Deutsch connectors that plug into drag valve and 3-way bypass valve.

CTS V2 InterChiller uses the car’s air conditioning refrigerant to help further cool the air entering the engine’s cylinders. Cooler air is denser, containing more oxygen molecules per volume than warm air. With more oxygen entering the engine, adding more fuel produces more power.


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Kit Contents

HE Brick, Mounting bracket, O-rings fittings, Hoses, Clamps, drag valve, wiring kit


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